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Air conditioning – Ventilation
Type of air conditioning or ventilation desired conditions troubleshooting air conditioning, supply and installation of a VMC conditions and replacing it or installing a fan in your kitchen or bathroom are so many parameters to take into account the day you want to install and put these tools of modernism and competing options or if you need to provide troubleshooting and repair. To avoid making the wrong choice, do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals with expertise in air conditioning and ventilation. Better yet, these professionals provide either replacement or repair or the supply and installation or the installation of these products. Much remains to guide your needs and you're done!
Select sub-category of your project
Installation of an air conditioner
Do you think software delivery and installation of your air conditioner my self? Complex equipment to install, think twice before. Appeal to professionals it would be a wise decision. Also, consider to make the heat balance to the right specifications.
Installation of an air conditioning / heating
The installation of an air conditioning, the two in one! The coolness during hot weather and heat produced during cold weather. The provision of air conditioning can primarily to make a backup heating since her first role remain cool.
Installation of a CMV (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation)
Technique for fresh air efficiently in the home, the VMC is especially very effective in wet rooms. Supply and installation of a VMC can be supported by a professional, enjoy.
Installing a kitchen ventilation
Hoods ventilation or sensors, for you to choose the type of installation for the ventilation of your kitchen. These two devices per each permit in any case the extraction of heat and optimal filtration of vapours produced in the kitchens especially during the preparation of gourmet meals!
Installing bathroom ventilation
Known to be a wet, installation of ventilation in your bathroom will be beneficial. It should be a powerful ventilation system via a fan or an air vent. And will preserve the floors, furniture and general appearance of the premises.
Replacement / repair of CMV (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation)
Your Controlled Mechanical Ventilation is obsolete and no longer as effective? In this case, the replacement of your device is essential. In case of simple malfunction, troubleshooting can resolve concerns. Remember to unplug your VMC pending the repair.
Replacement / repair air conditioning
Troubleshooting air conditioning is required, things as whether, whether the lights flash in an unusual way, if the breaker trips or goes off often, or objects have fallen into the air or if the unit does not start. The replacement of a cooling occurs if the discomfort is persistent or if the device is dangerous.

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