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Alarm – Security – Fire
Find all the fields to effectively secure your home: The installation of an alarm can be wired or wireless or even fire detector. Replace your existing alarm or contact a professional for service. Strengthen access to your home by installing a video entry or intercom. Television and video surveillance, a reliable and efficient solution for the security of your home. Your company needs to replace or check the fire extinguishers? You want an intervention on an intercom down? Find the ideal service for access and prevention of domestic and professional risks.
Select sub-category of your project
Installation of an intercom systems
Intercom system allows a person located inside the building, without direct contact with the person wanting to get into the room, to block or allow him access to the interior. Intercom system consists of two parts; a control unit located inside your home with a trigger to open the door and the second part, a receiver located at the entrance to your door. Intercom must be connected to a common electrical installation done or electrical specialist company. Model and choice of materials are very diverse and can store more complex or more conventional lines.
Installation of video door entry system
Video door entry system has a built in camera, it allows you to view human wishing to get into the room, to block or allow him access to the interior. Convenient and secure electronic system for added security. Different models are available depending on the range, some have video entry systems, such as size and screen resolution is above or below, contemporary or classic, they can be plastic or metal, the installation of a video recording made special equipment to activate the power unit. In most cases, video door display high-resolution versions of the contrast adjustment, volume control, camera entry phone system, installation of equipment, a door station, and so on.
Installation of alarm
Prevention, control, detection and warning: this is a good word for the alarm system. The alarm can be wired or not, its main purpose is to secure access to your home. Alarm will fit perfectly in a custom configuration of the environment. The choice of equipment and application materials can be carried out by qualified installers who can offer you when you run a full contract for phone service, video surveillance or human intervention. Alarm consists of a comprehensive package of materials, lots of sensors, central control unit, siren, keypad coded transmitter etc...
Installation of a fire alarm
The placement of a fire alarm can prevent any risk of fire by the presence of smoke detectors connected to a central alarm system. It can be added to the installation of sensors, accessories and light treatments. The purpose of the fire alarm to warn you about a fire in the house will appear before the first fire. The smoke detectors may be supplemented with carbon monoxide detectors or heat detectors.
Installation of security access systems
Because security is priceless, do not neglect the protection of your home. Professionals can help make it safer access to your home. Alarms, intercoms, gate automation or remote monitoring: many solutions exist to control the comings and goings, detect intrusion attempts, warning in case of tampering or even deter attackers.
Automatic closing doors and gates
The engine in order to close the doors and gates of your home is both practical and comfortable. Practice by to time saving and comfortable because everything is done remotely using a simple remote control. Call on one of the many professionals to lead this project.
Replacement / repair intercom system
Your intercom system broke down, you notice a dysfunction of your equipment? A technician will come home to replace your system or make the change of some parts of your control box.
Replacement / repair of a video door entry system
Your video door entry system does not work or does not work well? Troubleshooting a video door entry system consists in a replacement of some parts of your equipment or a complete change of the product until its return to service. A qualified installer will do the repair and replacement of your video entry.
Replacement / repair of an alarm
A problem with your alarm? A power failure, an electrical fails? Your equipment is unstable? A company specializing assure you the repair of your alarm replace defective parts or by changing the full installation kit. Sometimes the alarms need to be reset after disconnection of their servers caused by strong storms or power outages. Very often the failure of an alarm does not require major repairs but just a reconnection of the system with its central database.
Pool security: Alarm / Fence
Swimming pool alarm detects any risk of falling objects detected in the pool. Necessarily because of numerous accidents in young children without supervision, swimming pool alarm warns smallest presence of detected audio signal is associated with a swimming pool at home. There are two categories of anxiety: alarm under water or wireless electronic fence. The barrier will prevent access to swimming pool for children. Barriers and road barriers are one of the four necessary safety standards the pool.
Telex surveillance or video surveillance
Video surveillance is to establish a system of fixed cameras positioned in the areas of surveillance necessary in most cases along a wall or against an input port of a building. The resulting images can then be viewed, recorded and stored with the installation of a control device (screens, players and recorders, transmitters, sensors, sound and image, etc.). At home or by a remote maintenance service, it is called to a remote monitoring, monitoring is done remotely. In both cases, users of these systems can select equipment and destination of private records.

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