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Construction – New Builds
Find all the trades related to construction and renovation of the house, masonry work, the extension / expansion, the shell, earthworks, demolition, cleaning, cleaning of walls, installation of gutters, clean basements, waterproofing, insulation, walls, etc...
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Drainage – Septic Tanks – Drilling
Healthier to live in a healthier environment, sewage disposal and waste pollutants to an individual septic tank or even stop the infiltration of stagnant groundwater. Specialized companies can also achieve a drill on your property in order to exploit geothermal resources basements.
Construction of the house with land
Finding the right architect, the contractor who will carry on the perfect house plan. The study of architectural plans to start the construction site, the thoughts and steps are many before the completion of your project.
Construction of wooden houses
Wood is known for its durability, ecological and sustainable construction of wooden houses is becoming increasingly popular. The wood is a natural, warm, attractive and excellent thermal conductor. Of the structural insulated walls woods, building a wooden house is an art which must meet professional artisans in a professional to do your wooden house, personal and unique.
Construction, walls, partitions, ceilings
To build a wall partition or separation wall in concrete blocks. A wall can be concrete or gypsum plasterboard for example. Making a suspended ceiling or ceiling can reduce the height of the room or hide an antique natural ceiling too damaged. The realization of a ceiling can also be used to provide better thermal insulation or sound in a room.
Paving or paving terraces
The work of paving slabs or decks offer many choices of implementation. Different styles and materials are offered by manufacturers. Cross the pavement, right or hexagonal illustrate the many possibilities of poses to build a terrace. Old paving stones, blades of teak, stone slabs or natural stone materials combine the most popular for the creation of an outdoor terrace. Design the outdoor terracing is a delicate operation that requires the skills of a professional. The floor must be perfectly flat and drained to receive future moving tiles and ensure a good seal.
Scrub fronts
A facade is never spared a long dirt deposited by pollution and wear of materials. The exterior walls get dirty quickly and should be cleaned regularly, a painted or plastered facade can be maintained or restored by specialized companies in the scrub fronts.
Demolition and transport of rubble
The demolition is to destroy a structure built. These interventions are supported regulated by specialized companies that will make step by step dismantling of components, disposal and transportation of construction rubble and finally storage and recycling of bulky.
Sealing – Insulation terraces
The seal is put in the phase preceding the installation of a terrace. The process involves asking drains sealed or to organize a network of stagnant rainwater drainage. The isolation of a terrace is necessary and the operation to avoid the appearance of cracks on the tiles with a terrace because of the water.
Extension of house
Expand your home to gain in size and comfort. An extension of the house is a project that requires an organization therefore very methodical. Obtaining the building permit to expand the schematic of your ground floor or the floor until the start of construction, all steps use the powers of a qualified architect who will follow a smooth your work. An extension of the house is an opportunity to review the thermal or acoustic insulation in your walls, studying the structure or the attic in your home. Insulation materials for extension work from home are many and powerful.
Installation of tile
Making a tiled interior stoneware, marble, slate or stone, the materials have great potential. The laying straight, oblique or hexagonal maintenance treatment, a good tiler must ensure the installation technique is best for the terrain but also the choice of quality materials. The technique of tiling is the assurance of the sustainability of interior floors. It should not be overlooked, however, the choice of materials, the joint, waterproofing treatments or general maintenance.
Thermal insulation of facades / exterior walls
Better insulation for less heat! Techniques for thermal insulation of facades renovation or construction are numerous, a professional can offer, for example the installation of thermal insulation to keep heat from an interior wall, from one room to another or in part of more substantial work, the wall insulation between the walls of the house and the plaster. A detached house retains heat and reduces heat losses sucked up by the stairs, roofs or windows.
Brickwork building walls, partitions, bricklaying door
Brickwork also concern the construction of interior walls to separate two parts of the house or installing exterior walls to partition separating area, for example, sentence an opening by making a bricklaying door and have a space wider. The walls can be wood, concrete, cinder block or synthetic materials and require mastery of technology poses.
Small bricklaying
The small bricklaying always take time and require special knowledge to the details and finishes. Crafts yourself, why not at the risk of interminably continue the end of its work. Plug wall with a coating, repairing a ceiling, moving a wall, all small bricklaying work can be achieved by a company competent to make your life easier and your work home.
Recovering of the facade
How to renovate a stone facade, install a wood siding, selecting materials for the work of shell, sand, moisture treatment of the walls, knowing all the regulations. Your grown old facade, paint your walls blackened and cracks? A facade renovation usually required to give your home a new look. The face lift is to apply a special paint for exterior plaster or stucco achieve by sandblasting.
Application of concrete screed
Pour a layer of concrete, an operation frequently performed by construction professionals, the swimming pool specialists flowing screed's concrete to trace the shape of your future swimming pool, shotcrete or poured concrete laborer... Your can also create a perfectly flat surface and uniform to receive the flooring of your terrace. Pour a layer of concrete to accommodate construction or renovation in one or more parts of the house. The possibilities are many, the production of a layer of concrete is a common and basic processes of a company for all types of brick work.
Elevation of roof
The elevation of the roof to add an extra floor to your home, a project of that size must be carefully considered. Gain area in accordance with all stages of the project. Draw an architectural plan, obtain a building permit, use of building materials insulation to reduce heat loss from one floor to another. A qualified professional will tell you the types of wood to use to guarantee achieving reliable, durable and attractive.

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