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Carry an electrical installation or renovation project is a size especially if you are moving and that many operations are necessary. Whether for home automation or to the electrical installation for a partial or complete renovation, the installation of a CMV(Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) in the bathroom or kitchen, electricity production(solar and wind), troubleshooting electrical etc..., electrical every site has its own rules and specifics. You will easily find a professional in your area that carries all your projects according to your needs.
Select sub-category of your project
TV antenna: repair, installation
The TV antenna can receive electromagnetic waves and thus to ensure the good reception of TV channels. The features and TV antennas supplies, existing in many types and options, will affect the quality of your image. The installation and repair your antennas TV are also to good reception.
Lighting control systems
Gone is wasteful spending power: investing in automating your lighting. One solution which allows a better manages the lights in your home. To meet all your needs, many devices now exist. Skilled craftsmen can provide you with timers to turn off the light at the end of peak hours. Motion detectors can trigger the lights to the passage of people, with an adjustable period. Occupancy sensors can operate day and night, thanks to their sensitivity to infrared radiation. Whereof clarify its housing so clever and economical. What clarify its housing so clever and economical.
Electrical troubleshooting
Instability or failure of a domestic electrical installation requires servicing. A technician can be determined by a series of tests on your system failure or instability of your electrical equipment. Electrical troubleshooting is to check such as certain equipment connected to your electrical system, make the replacement of parts or intervene directly to your electricity meter.
Home automation
Designed to benefit from more comfort at home, home automation technologies include electronics, building physics, computing and telecommunications found in a habitat. It allows better use of lighting, heating), energy, a better knowledge of safety rules as well.
Installation of the towel dryer
In common parlance, a towel dryer is a comfortable subject, can warm the bathroom, dry towel. In everyday life, a towel dryer item of comfort for the most part, can warm like your bathroom and dry towels. Central or electric, you choose the type of delivery and installation for the towel dryer, combining an aesthetics and efficiency.
Installation of a CMV (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation)
Technique for fresh air efficiently in the home, the VMC is especially very effective in wet rooms. Supply and installation of a VMC can be supported by a professional, enjoy.
Installing a kitchen ventilation
Hoods ventilation or sensors, for you to choose the type of installation for the ventilation of your kitchen. These two devices per each permit in any case the extraction of heat and optimal filtration of vapours produced in the kitchens especially during the preparation of gourmet meals!
Installing bathroom ventilation
Known to be a wet, installation of ventilation in your bathroom will be beneficial. It should be a powerful ventilation system via a fan or an air vent. And will preserve the floors, furniture and general appearance of the premises.
Installing sound system
With home automation, you can make your home more comfortable and safer by controlling light, heating, shutters and alarm system. Home automation also thinking of relaxing moments. You can also collect all your AV devices in a single room. So you listen and control your music throughout the house.
Electrical installation: full or partial renovation
Large construction site that the electrical installation, the renovation is complete or partial. In fact, think of everything! Electrical panel, the needs for each room, equipment, planting, and care to avoid accidents in the home, the electrical installation has its stages.
Low current electrical installation
Means low voltage low amperage currents helping to circulate the information in the form of electrical or optical signals on the lines of communication. At the same, these are used to supply low voltage electrical installations dedicated to adaptive equipment such as phones, computers, alarms, digital communications and data. With regular updates of the standard, the rigor is required, the idea being to secure and optimises. As such, service shaft housing is now mandatory in all homes and individual: it brings together the arrival of low voltage and high current in a single location. The low voltage must also be connected to a communication box.
Kit for closing doors and gates
The engine in order to close the doors and gates of your home is both practical and comfortable. Practical thanks to time saving and comfortable because everything is done remotely using a simple remote control. Call on one of the many professionals to lead this project.
Small work in electricity (addition of outlets, light fixtures, etc...)
Electricity, a construction site in perpetual motion. Large works are important but the small work in electricity as well. Addition of a catch, fixtures, wire unsightly to hide, to change a fuse, a wire solder, details that are important.
A shining ceiling
Many solutions exist today for heating while the conventional systems (electric, oil or gas) are still the most common, the use of renewable energy is growing and new products appear. Among these innovations, the radiant ceiling, consisting mostly of tile sub-ceiling heating or plasterboard is a heating system for the regular transmission of heat or coolness from the ceiling. There are two kinds of radiant ceilings: one operates at low temperature water and is used for heating and cooling parts, the second runs on electricity and provides only heating needs.
Electricity generation: solar
If you are keen to set up a power generation that uses more natural energy, you can opt for a solar or wind power generation. One draws on solar energy, the second in energy from the wind.
Check your electrical installation
Your electrical system malfunctions and becomes unstable? An audit of your electrical system is needed. An electrician inspects your mechanical and electronic meter and your equipment to detect malfunctions and prevent future power outages.

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