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Floors – Ceilings – Walls
Floors, ceilings and walls are important sites of a blank piece. Between the choices of materials, the type of installation, finishes, there are tens of possibilities... difficult to start when choosing a floor covering... there are so many! And their different properties are not always suitable for any room. As for the ceiling, again the subject is vast as desired ceiling types and types of materials. Finally, the insulation is essential in a particular habitat to save energy. Supply and installation of tile, linoleum, parquet, carpet, panelling, false ceilings or suspended ceilings, achieving concrete screed, and sanding wood floors or repairing floors, floors, ceilings and insulation have bright future.
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Installation of tile
Making a tiled interior stoneware, marble, slate or stone, the materials have great potential. The laying straight, oblique or hexagonal maintenance treatment, a good tiller must ensure the installation technique is best for the terrain but also the choice of quality materials. The technique of tiling is the assurance of the sustainability of interior floors. It should not be overlooked, however, the choice of materials, the joint, waterproofing treatments or general maintenance.
Installation of suspended ceilings / stretch ceiling
Strained ceilings or a false ceiling allows eliminating the irregularities, to integrate lighting, or even set up thermal or acoustic insulation with adequate supplies.
Installation of panelling
Contemporary material times, wood panelling provides many moods thanks to the diversity of its forms, finishes, decorations and dimensions. The supply and installation of panelling will be simple in all cases. The supply and installation of sheathing will be simple in all cases.
Installation of linoleum
Older the material regains its rating Lino of the past thanks to a supply that is both original and decorative, the ecological and Marmoleum linoleum. Fast and efficient installation of linoleum is a breeze. In addition, you can compose your designs to your liking.
Installation of carpeting
The carpet, a material that has passed through generations and all modes of decoration, continues to please and is the flooring in many homes. The laying of carpet, a subject controlled by building professionals.
Installation of laminate floors
The parquet flooring is gaining in attractiveness over the years. Improved in its finishes and designs, simplified use and simple maintenance, floating floors are enough to seduce. The supply of floating parquet flooring is varied and easy installation.
Laying parquet
Material that is both elegant and attractive, the floors are always a perfect idea for covering your floors. Supply side, the choice will be your main trouble as there are styles, finishes, colours and type of wood! Side installation, the floor is quick and easy to install.
Sanding wood floors
Anything better than sanding and sealing wooden floors to maintain their quality. Sanding helps to keep them smooth and pleasant to touch and vitrification can protect them from bumps and spots.
Concrete screed
Pour a layer of concrete, an operation frequently performed by construction professionals, the swimming pool specialists flowing screed's concrete to trace the shape of your future swimming pool, concerting or poured concrete labourer... Your can also create a perfectly flat surface and uniform to receive the flooring of your terrace. Pour a layer of concrete to accommodate construction or renovation in one or more parts of the house. The possibilities are many; the production of a layer of concrete is a common and basic processes of a company for all types of brick work.
Floor repair
Damaged floor boards or only a few damaged, repair the floor for a variety of issues. Professionals specialized in the repair of floor. So you can easily find a company in your area.

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