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Framing and roofing
The framework is a set of pieces of wood, metal or concrete supporting coverage and charges that are added. There are two main types of coverage: coverage to small pieces and cover key elements. Coverage is essential to your frame because it prevents the infiltration of rainwater taking into account the shape of the frame and weather conditions depending on your area of residence. In the same way as frame depending on the structure of the roof: if a single component is removed, the structure collapses. Structural renovation, roof repair or roof stacks, change coverage, attic insulation or installing tiles over the entire surface of the frame, each job must be done without making odd.
Select sub-category of your project
TV antenna: repair, installation
The TV antenna can receive electromagnetic waves and thus to ensure the good reception of TV channels. The features and TV antennas supplies, existing in many types and options, will affect the quality of your image. The installation and repair your antennas TV are also to good reception.
Changing tiles
Used roof tiles porous structural recovery, changing your tiles has become indispensable. Site of large and risky to hire a roofer, professional and experienced is required. Element decorative tiles adorn the roofs it may be the type of tile selected.
Full coverage (tiles, slates, zinc)
Full coverage of a roof often occurs at the time of building a house. That's when all materials are chosen carefully to ensure the soundness, sealing and comfort of your future life. Tile, slate or zinc, choose the look of your roof at the time of request the services of a craftsman.
Full coverage in metal tiles
Used roof tiles porous structural recovery, changing your tiles has become indispensable. Construction of large and risky, to appeal to a roofer, professional and experienced, is necessary. Element decorative tiles adorn the roofs it may be the type of tile selected.
Scrub or moss removal roof
Difficult operations that the scrub and defoaming roof! Essential to ensure the quality and life of your roof, these interviews are provided by professionals, equipped with specific equipment and products, ensuring high-pressure cleaning and so aerobatic, but in complete safety.
Troubleshooting / repair of roof
External the vagaries (water, wind, hail), and uncontrollable natural damage the roof over time. To limit the damage and the extent of the work to provide better quickly made appeal to a company for troubleshooting and repair of your roof. Sometimes, only partial repair of the roof will be necessary.
Sealing – insulation roofing
The roof insulation is the first step to take if you want to do save energy. And for good reason, it is through the roof that heat evaporates a home. The roof insulation and waterproofing is essential. They will be conducted according to the type of your roof to ensure insulation always impeccable.
Installation of thermal insulation in the attic
The development of the attic has become unavoidable. To save energy, installing thermal insulation in the attic is a priority. And for good reason, 30% of heat loss is a concern in the context of a poorly insulated attic. Cork, natural wool, mineral wool or synthetic insulation are among the main supplies used for this operation.
Installation of roof windows
Over 15% of the total heat loss through windows. The supply and installation of skylights must first ensure energy savings. The Velux roof window is the best known but other types of skylights are available in both design, modern, aesthetic enhancing the brightness of your room.
Cleaning the roof – walls – siding
Roofing, siding and facades, cleaning is not easy. Unclog, defoamers, dusting, washing, cleaning all are possible. Just specify what you need in the business you have chosen the quotation.
Meticulous work that the installation of aluminium gutters to equip your roof. Solid design, aluminium gutters are available today in different colours to match the style of your roof. Professionals appreciate the material for its quality and ease of install.
Renovation of structures
The renovation of structures is not a project that improvised. Indeed, framing, framing of your home is dependent on the structure of the roof. It is sufficient that element is missing or improperly installed to cause the collapse of a structure. Caution is therefore needed and it is best to entrust this project to a roofer.
Renovation or change of your roof covering
The roof covering is usually the first part of a construction which has need of a renovation or a change. Tiles, slate, zinc, although strong, are very vulnerable to external events and wear. That this is the renovation or change of your roof cover, always anticipates strictly necessary during these operations.
Renovation of shingle or asbestos cement sheets
The renovation of roof shingle, these aesthetic shingles become very trends shelters and cabins of garden, shall be provided approximately every 25 years. More restrictive, the renovation of the asbestos cements sheets. Indeed, surface quickly weakened, aesthetic altered, or discoloured roof waterproofing repeatedly, the upgrades abound.
Repair of chimney on roof
Why repair of chimneys on the roof is so regulated? A chimney which strain is showing signs of weakness or failure is synonymous with danger. It can collapse, injuring the occupants of the house but also, according to his fall, passers by outside. To do regularly control your roof by professional chimney to start repair in time and the various renovation work if necessary.

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