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Furniture – Interior renovation
Build and renovate its interior is a mammoth task. Whether the construction and insulation to your attic, the complete renovation of an office, an apartment or a house or masonry work (construction of walls, masonry walls or doors) very popular during a move, you may need to make various adjustments and renovations. With our special section devoted to this theme explore the endless possibilities available to you, ideas, planning and interior renovation that you would perhaps not thought of. Enhance your home to promote its sale, change of atmosphere for pleasure or simply build and renovate to meet new needs; all are good reasons to read this topic!
Select sub-category of your project
Attic space planning
The layout of the attic is a process increasingly used to gain space and volume. Set up the attic insulation also creates the premises. And for good reason, the conversation leads to heat savings. Project attractive, it still requires compliance with four golden rules for the design as it should: stairs, insulation, electrical and plumbing. Professionals such a site will be able to develop your attic.
Planning dressing room
Practical and aesthetic, the dressing room takes the lead over traditional methods of storage. Volume, materials, dimensions, location are key for the dressing room can optimise storage of a large closet.
Central vacuum cleaning system
The central vacuum is an effective technique to clean the perfection of new buildings as future buildings under construction or renovation. With the resurgence of these machines, like a huge vacuum cleaner, it is still necessary to choose the model that meets your needs. Again, consult professionals as needed.
Attic: thermal insulation
Because of its potential energy savings, thermal insulation of the attic is a work indispensable. It is estimated that approximately 30% the percentage of loss estimated a poorly insulated roof and attic. In winter, the insulation can thus reduce heat loss; the summer, she keeps a house cool by not returning to the heat.
Installation of suspended ceilings / stretch ceiling
Strained ceilings or a false ceiling allows eliminating the irregularities, to integrate lighting, or even set up thermal or acoustic insulation with adequate supplies.
Brickwork building walls, partitions, bricklaying door
Masonry work also concern the construction of interior walls to separate two parts of the house or installing exterior walls to partition separating neighbourhood, for example, condemn an opening by making a masonry door and have a space wider. The walls can be wood, concrete, cinder block or synthetic materials and require a mastery of techniques poses.
Small bricklaying
The small bricklaying always take time and require special knowledge to the details and finishes. Crafts yourself, why not at the risk of interminably continue the end of its work. Plug wall with a coating, repairing a ceiling, moving a wall, all small bricklaying work can be achieved by a company competent to make your life easier and your work home.
Home Cinema production of parts
What a privilege to watch a movie with a screen and its unbeatable! The Home Cinema is attracting more and more people and is easily understood. Have a spacious room for carrying out a Home Cinema room. The equipment will indeed be rather voluminous. To take advantage of their technical qualifications must be a space dedicated to this film at home.
Complete renovation of flats, offices
Owners or entrepreneurs, you feel like new and you have decided to launch the complete renovation of your apartments, houses and offices. Extensive site but challenging project! There must be various stages of this project but also the trades that will appeal to the Rescue (plumber, electrician, heating, tiling, carpentry).

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