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Garden – Gateway – Landscaping
The providing and maintaining of the exterior of a house is hard work. Whether the creation of an automatic watering system, the decoration of the garden, creating a terrace to enjoy the beautiful day even better, the construction of a garage, trimming and size, setting instead of an engine of automatic gates or landscaping, there's plenty to do around their habitat! The garden, a place where creativity is kings with decorations and accessories multiple rich and luxuriant vegetation and the possibilities for secure and original lighting. To make the area around your home more elegant and comfortable setting up a gate and landscaping are the projects you prefer more.
Select sub-category of your project
Felling trees
To perform the cutting of trees is best to use a chain saw or a chainsaw. These two tools are indeed more secure than a log saw or a hatchet, commonly used by professionals.
Improvement and garden terrace
You have decided to enhance your garden and your patio, and to do so, small improvements are needed. What a pleasure to address this task that allows every desire and fantasy in terms of design, development and growing!
Automatic watering system (creation)
The automatic watering system, very common today, provide optimum irrigation and effortlessly in the gardens, terraces and balconies. In addition, water is used without waste, which is a precious quality. The creation of an automatic irrigation system will be a good investment.
Lighting control systems
Gone is wasteful spending power: investing in automating your lighting. One solution which allows a better manages the lights in your home. To meet all your needs, many devices now exist. Skilled craftsmen can provide you with timers to turn off the light at the end of peak hours. Motion detectors can trigger the lights to the passage of people, with an adjustable period. Occupancy sensors can operate day and night, thanks to their sensitivity to infrared radiation. Whereof clarify its housing so clever and economical. What clarify its housing so clever and economical?
Creation of gardens, lawns and parks
It has long been known that maps the English garden as the second "room" is more important than the living room and kitchen. Therefore, the creation of gardens, lawns, parks must meet the m an expert on the landscape, which will select a style for your home.
Creating of terraces
If your house is built on a hill and your backyard is too steep for a garden, building a terrace is an option. Terraces can break a long hillside into several smaller steps. Each of the steps is more level than the original hillside and can be easily planted. Terraces are also an environmentally friendly garden solution, slowing and even preventing soil erosion.
Decor garden / patio / pergola / trellis / fountain
What a joy to be comfortably seated in his garden with furniture and decorations just as attractive and elegant than the others, patio, pergola, trellis or fountain. The decoration of a garden, an exciting affair after all!
Tree pruning / size
Pruning and size of your plants is essential for the long life of your plants, hedges and shrubs but also for the aesthetics of your garden. We must therefore consider include trimming and size when most favourable.
Garden maintenance
A garden, that talks! This is the golden rule to keep an elegant garden, attractive, healthy and pretty. Timely maintenance or year will depend on the component elements of your garden vegetation types, decorative items or even land you have a terrace.
Garages / pergolas
Is it not comfortable to be able to park in the garage of his home, which is either in house or apartment? Like a good dinner or a break in a garden shed is enjoyable. Garages and garden sheds, two essential elements of a habitat.
Kit for closing doors and gates
The engine in order to close the doors and gates of your home is both practical and comfortable. Practical thanks to time saving and comfortable because everything is done remotely using a simple remote control. Call on one of the many professionals to lead this project.
Gateway installation
Various supplies and easy installation a gate will allow you to quickly realize the project of installation. Indeed, sliding gates, folding, PVC, wood, iron or aluminium abound. As for installation, the professionals are so many to achieve it without difficulty.
Garage door
Garage doors have become popular items from manufacturers, anxious to meet your needs. Type of operation (tilt, sectional and rolling, electric), type of material (wood, steel, aluminium or PVC), and the garage door is constantly being improved.
Excavation – forage
The excavation is useful when a building requires a good foundation to prevent landslides, subsidence and other inconveniences. Think about it the day you purchase a property on which you want to install your home.

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