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Dreaming of a new kitchen, modern and fully equipped? Find all the items detailed arrange cuisine tailored supplies, installation of furniture to accessories: sinks, taps, mixers, mosaic tile, marble, etc... Renovating a kitchen and develops tailor your kitchen!
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Kitchen: design and execution
How to design and develop its new kitchen? The renovation of the kitchens is now a consistent support of project work in the construction sector. A kitchen carries for you every step of your project, the investment cost in the selection of furniture and materials. Kitchen design, modern or classic, or standard repair painting will make your kitchen dream.
Installation and connection of sinks, wash basins
Some of the kitchen accessories, one of the necessary elements are the sinks and wash basins. Stainless steel, will, aluminium, resins or ceramic, materials are many and adjust to style of your kitchen, modern or older. A professional can recommend and install the model that best suits your kitchen secure.
Laying tile
Making a tiled interior stoneware, marble, slate or stone, the materials have great potential. The laying straight, oblique or hexagonal service treatment, a good tiller must ensure the installation technique is best for the terrain but also the choice of quality materials. The technique of tiling is the assurance of the sustainability of interior floors. It should not be overlooked, however, the choice of materials, the joint, waterproofing treatments or general maintenance.
Installation and connection of kitchen furniture
The floor of your kitchen is installed, the structural work completed, you have now to find the supplies and put the furniture in the kitchen. Two achievements complex to do yourself. What supplies to choose what materials? PVC, wood panelling? The dimensions and colours are many and available in large quantities of catalogue. A professional, you can ask your custom kitchen furniture, install wall cabinets or secure parts of clothing and appliances.
Laying a mosaic
A mosaic wall tiles you can make a mural of colour and size you want to equip a work plan in your kitchen for example. The mosaic sticks or is sealed in different media. A specialist tiles will ensure a perfect installation of mosaics in line with your furniture.
Installation and connection of faucets, mixers
Kitchen accessories are many parts such as faucets and mixers are used to select the use of materials and style you want. More than just a tap, taps are more modern and stylish, modern and classic, with options jets or not, the installation is often complicated enough without the intervention of a professional.
Installation of kitchen furniture
Can you make yourself install cabinets, drawers and make installation of complex design? Install wall cabinets and base units, arrange storage space tailored corners and nooks, dressing appliances, fill in the blanks to win the maximum amount of space, it is better to use the skills of a kitchen designer that will perform for you the custom kitchen of your choice in assembling your furniture kits safely.

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