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Dear Sir or Madam
Everyone dreams about having a beautiful and comfortable property to relax in.
Sometimes things get damaged or worn out and we need to change and update the look of our property.
It is often difficult to find an, establishes Company who are efficient, reliable, flexible and reasonably priced and willing to do any job no matter how small. Our Company "EH© Euro House Limited" offer an excellent service and a unique payment plan for the work carried out by our experienced tradesmen.
For a contract fee of only £22.50 per month "EH© Euro House Limited" are ready and waiting to solve your building and repair problems any day of the week. Instead of having to find the money for a large or unexpected outlay for property repairs our unique payment plan helps you spread the costs. Our Company has a wide experience in all sector from private homes to offices and shops in the fields of joinery, painting and decorating, plumbing, electrical work and project planning, including gardens, cutting the grass, cleaning the windows. For a free consultation or any queries regarding our services please call: 07878251450 or 01914409249 or 01914409986 or 07868719518

Recommend your friends and start earning ????'s!
As a EH© Euro House Limited customer, recommend your friends to us and as a thank you we will give you a £25.00

The office of the "EH© Euro House" is located at: 162 Saltwell Road, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear NE8 4XH, United Kingdom.

We would be delighted to hear from you. Our aim is to turn your property into a home. For a free consultation or any questions regarding our services please visited website at: www.eurohouseltd.co.uk or send message by email: team@eurohouseltd.co.uk
If you were interested by our offer, and you wish to conclude the contract, or to now more detail the information, fill the form and send to the specified address. We wish to see your property in good and fine condition.

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Hello, and welcome to the marketing on manufacture is repair-civil work.

All of us know that such marketing, or heard. Marketing in our understanding it something to buy and to whom that to sell. The marketing principle is the pyramid, which top - the person - the founder, a pyramid basis are we. We buy at standing above, and we sell standing more low, or to the person from outside. Constantly we search for the new buyer. Time when there comes a stop comes. Developments are not present more. The pyramid basis any steadier and it falls. Our company "EH© Euro House Limited" offers unique marketing service. You can be both a pyramid basis, and top simultaneously. Can stand on one place, or develop. It depends only on your desire and requirements. The most important thing, you should not search for new people constantly. People, having learnt about it will wish to be with us because it is simple and accessible to everyone.

Category 1 level 0     £22.50. You get discount £0.00-£22.50

The beginning of your marketing: You have already signed the contract and already are on 1 category. Also what it means for you?! It means that you have a monthly discount of £22.50 on which you can make small repair work for which very few people from civil engineering firms undertakes to execute. You have enough of it?! Ok! Then can be to remain on this category, after all you it to what doesn't oblige. But there are situations when more essential repair work is urgently necessary. Well then you should pass to higher level.
Category 2 level 1     £22.50. You get discount £0.00-£45.00

You have dared to rise on a category?! It's cool! Now your monthly discount for our services makes £45.00. All, that it is necessary for this purpose - to invite two friends or relatives to conclude with us the contract. We are confident that your acquaintances will be glad to join you on such conditions favorable to all of you. But now you can make more jobs in the property. Thus, you have risen on 2 categories, and your friends on 1 category. But you want even more discounts? Then to you on 3 category!
Category 3 Level 2     £22.50. You get discount £0.00-£90.00

3 categories, since this category you practically should do nothing! Two your friends who have concluded with us the contract, too don't want to sit on 1 category, and too have invited on two persons everyone. They have raised the monthly discounts and a category. But thus they have raised also your monthly discount which makes now £90.00! Well and on £90.00 you can to make or repair your property. It is interesting, whether not so?! You don't spend the time and receive more discounts!
Category 4 Level 3     £22.50. You get discount £0.00-£180.00

Category 4, after all nobody wants to sit in place, all want to develop and have more possibilities! The principle of this category is similar to a category 3. That is again concluded the contract, result the relatives familiar. And you, as pyramid top again rise on one category above so also the discount for repair services is more. Now it makes £180.00! Not badly, truth?! Also what can make for this sum? Well for example to repair yore in your property.
Category 5 Circular level 3     (22.50 + £1.50(Category 1 level) =£24.00)). You get discount £0.00-£202.50

On categories 1-4 we have explained main principle of our marketing. We will assume, the people standing under you can't find people who too would join. Then that they have stopped in development, and can't rise. And can you want to receive still the big discount. And here we have for you a decision. You conclude the contract with "last" person from your marketing, pay extra £1.50. The monthly payment - it certainly raises now makes £24.00, but and the monthly discount to become £202.50. Thus, you have lifted the friends still above, and to yourself have earned a good discount, and have repaired, more in your property. On it our offers don't come to an end.
Category 6 Level 4     (22.50 + £1.50(Category 1 level 0 = £24.00)). You get discount £0.00-£360.00

Well, here one more category for development of your marketing. The scheme of a category 6 is similar to the scheme of a category 5. There are two variants for the further development of your marketing. 1 variant: the People who are on 1 category invite "beginners". 2 variant: you conclude the contract with the people who are on any category below yours (it can be "beginners" or those who on 2 or 4 categories). Your monthly payment continues to be £24.00. But your monthly discount makes £360.00. All is simple - you help another to rise, and become above on a category! On £360.00 make to itself in your property watt you wont.
Category 7 Level 5     (22.50 + £1.50(Category 2 level 0 = £24.00)). You get discount £0.00-£720.00

The principle of a category 7 is similar to categories 5 and 6. You or your friends (being on a category below yours), rise under "last" if they can't involve new people. Or conclude the contract with standing in a category 2-4. In this category your monthly payment remains former – £24.00, and the monthly discount already makes £720.00. Look round, and think that you want to change in your property; after all you have a discount in £720.00!!
Category 8 Circular level 5     (22.50 + £1.50 + £1.50(Category 1 level 0 + Category 5 Circular level 3 = £25.50)). You get discount £0.00-£1440.00

Principle of the circular scheme, as on a category 5; The people who are on 1 category can't involve other people. Or that discount suffices them, or they don't want anybody to involve. But leaves that stops development. In this case, you conclude the contract with "last" of marketing; pay extra £1.50 - and all the monthly discount in £742.50 at you already is! The monthly payment to £25.50 certainly rises, but the size of a discount of those costs! Your discount allows you to change in your property / to make in the house more work.

Category 20 – 13 the circular Level £0.00 – £184342.50

We won't describe principles of categories with 8 on 20 all of them are similar. The category 20 is analog of categories 5 and 8 (that is circular level). Each category raises a discount. On a category 20 it makes monthly discount of £184342.50. Can it is necessary to update an interior in the house? We can assure you, it not last category of our marketing, and discounts I will be much more!!

At everyone in life there come the moments when it is necessary the emergency help to the house, such, for example, as a crane leaking or it is necessary to replace the door handle. Not many building companies undertake such "small" works. And, can, you want to update an interior (exterior) or have bought apartment (house). And have to think constantly of repair, since design of the future apartment, selection of materials and a choice of tools. It will occupy all your near future and all thoughts will be turns only round repair. And that on a ceiling: paint or a false ceiling? And that with walls: wall-paper or panels? A floor too not an exception - questions will arise always: a parquet a laminate or linoleum. Any more it is not necessary to worry about it. Thanks to our marketing, questions on repair will be solved by us. Our company is ready to accept at you the order for work any kind on premise repair, you can order both one kind of works, and the whole complex of repair operations. The company is ready to any cooperation and is ready to go on compromises under the decision of any questions at issue. We will help you to embody yours desire, to make beautiful your house.

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