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How to plug a leaky faucet, copper pipe work, install a bath, put a shower, bath, toilet or sink, creating a piping system for watering the garden, a bad gasket seal etc... You will easily find a qualified professional in your area that carries all your work projects, a simple troubleshooting urgent implementation of a complete bathroom facilities site.
Select sub-category of your project
Troubleshooting WC
Toilets clogged, worn joints, leaking plumbing, faulty plumbing, piping problem; the plumbing unfortunately come to everyone at least once. A plumber was providing emergency repairs for all related piping.
Repair plumbing leaks, seals, small jobs
The plumbing has its little problems. The repairs often involve plumbing leaks, defective seals or various small works. Methodical, efficient and rapid, the plumber is the ideal professional to solve your problems.
Installation of sinks, wash basins
Some of the kitchen accessories, one of the necessary elements are the sinks and wash basins. Stainless steel, will, aluminium, resins or ceramic, materials are many and adjust to style of your kitchen, modern or older. A professional can recommend and install the model that best suits your kitchen secure.
Installation of boiler
The boiler, main component of heating combustion, is the "engine" of your central heating system in the habitat. Its delivery and installation must comply with rules to use your boiler in good condition.
Installation of sinks, showers, toilets
Among the key elements in the bathroom sink are, shower, bathroom and toilet. Their provision and allow much freedom in implementing in the form of bathroom both design and options are more to the centre of the concerns of manufacturing.
Installation of faucets, mixers
Kitchen accessories are many parts such as faucets and mixers are used to select the use of materials and style you want. More than just a tap, taps are more modern and stylish, modern and classic, with options jets or not, the installation is often complicated enough without the intervention of a professional.
Plumbing: installation or complete renovation
Plumbing: complete installation or renovation. The plumbing is a work which is mostly improvised not. This is a facility or complete a renovation, work require knowledge. Install a toilet, a receiver, set squares of fittings, and find about a shower or a plumbing bath..., it is a multitude of spots.
Plumbing kitchen
Plug a leak, a lead pipe, make connections, change the seals used, a mixing valve repair, the plumbing kitchen require patience and above all control of movement. Ideally, it is better to hire a professional.
Plumbing bathroom
Plug a water leak, to fittings, bending a tube, replace a toilet seat, change the seal of the valve head, repair a receiver for shower, bathroom plumbing are many, the roughly to small site.

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