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Pool – Security – Conservatory
Complete jobs winter to enjoy summer in your garden: To build a pool in peace by finding the skilled craftsman who will carry out the structural work and external works: The tiles around the pool, choosing the right cleaning products, to clean his pool. Find the right accessories for your pool safety, shelter, an alarm, a tarp or blanket safety barriers and fences. Build pool polyester hulls are the advantages? You want to enlarge your home or make a porch in your garden, choose what materials: steel, wood, aluminium?
Select sub-category of your project
Covered swimming pool
High cover, low cover, a sliding, telescopic, removable simple... The pool enclosure is indispensable and obligatory set by law on pool safety. Priority in the selection and installation of a pool enclosure is to combine aesthetics with security. Turn your pool terrace, for example by finding swimming pool specialists with many models for you.
Accessories and pool products
All about the cleaning and maintenance of your pool: winter, treatment, analysis of bodies. Good maintenance will keep your pool clean; it provides durability, access to clean water and clean. Products and treatments for swimming are numerous, chlorine or oxygen, for example, swimming pool specialist will present the different existing products, cleaning robots, product quality, cost, toxicity, and proposed contracts for maintenance. Accessories games and recreation and many develop pool: Fountain, built in spa pool, stairs and ladders, lighting, pools, etc...
Swimming pool construction
The construction of pool step by step, implementation, earthworks, drainage, backfilling, placement of the frame, the start the development of the surroundings, the finishing touches, etc... Work has commenced in the early swimming, follow all the steps of your project by contacting the qualified professional to meet your work.
Paving or paving terraces
The work of paving slabs or decks offer many choices of implementation. Different styles and materials are offered by manufacturers. Cross the pavement, right or hexagonal illustrate the many possibilities of poses to build a terrace. Old paving stones, blades of teak, stone slabs or natural stone materials combine the most popular for the creation of an outdoor terrace. Design the outdoor terracing is a delicate operation that requires the skills of a professional. The floor must be perfectly flat and drained to receive future moving tiles and ensure a good seal.
Pool maintenance
How to disinfect your pool? Chlorine or oxygen? All recommended treatments to ensure perfect hygiene for your pool. Disinfection's of pool maintenance is the step most important for a perfect hygiene of the pool. A swimming pool company tells you about all the cleaning pool, robots automatic cleaners, maintenance of the surroundings, filtration, wintering in the pool, cleaning up the basin, manual cleaning and automatic cleaning products suitable etc...
Manufacture and installation of swimming pools in shell polyester
A pool polyester shell is made of two resistant materials: Fiberglas and polyester resin. The properties of these materials offer a perfect resistance, tightness and elasticity to the basin and adapted to UV. That's why this choice of materials is often recommended today by many swimming pool specialists.
Pools set: supply, installation
50% of swimming pools are now sold in set form so-called above ground, a purchase test before you leave why not try one day by a pool built. Wood, resin, steel, polyester, etc... Pool maintenance you book up and ensure the service of your future storable pool.
Pool security: Alarm / Fence
Swimming pool alarm detects any risk of falling objects detected in the pool. Necessarily because of numerous accidents in young children without supervision, swimming pool alarm warns smallest presence of detected audio signal is associated with a swimming pool at home. There are two categories of anxiety: alarm under water or wireless electronic fence. The barrier will prevent access to swimming pool for children. Barriers and road barriers are one of the four necessary safety standards the pool.
You want to build a conservatory? The possibilities are numerous. Determine the choice of materials and their insulating properties, PVC coupling aluminium timber, the location of the structure, its dimensions and its original form. A conservatory can be fitted with a heating system and many decorative accessories (Venetian blinds, furniture, tiles, etc...). The heat and sound insulation can be snuff into account by including the installation of laminated glazing, insulation, UV, thermal, double or triple glazing.

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