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Renewable Energy
Renewable energies are the engine of the energies of tomorrow! Invest in a project "REC" it is reducing its energy consumption by choosing the most appropriate to its needs equipment. Replace your electric heater by a solar water heater, installing an aero thermal and geothermal heat pump, a floor heating temperature related to your heat pump. Do you know the wind? Ask a photovoltaic system on the roof of your House to supply electricity heating or heat why not your pool. There are many solutions to reduce the cost of its invoices and use a clean and sustainable energy source.
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Water treatment
The pellets are used to fire granulated wood boilers. They are in the form of pills of wood fuel and neutral in CO2 emissions. The system is to recover heat from steam in combustion fumes; a transformation process uses heat to heat the water of the heating circuits.
Solar water heater
A solar water heater captures the rays of the Sun to provide domestic hot water. A solar water heater heats the water temperature of the balloon for heating, sanitary equipment, the water in your pool, etc. The installation is usually on the roof of the housing, all related to a solar panel inclined with a hot water tank. This type of heating can usually relieve the other systems of water heating in the house.
Air conditioning
Regulate the temperature of its housing and gain comfort of life. Reversible air-conditioning converts in a same apparatus, warm in cold and cold heating domestic. Reversible air conditioning uses the principle of the heat pump by reversing the cycles of transformation in the compressor, this state change causes a cooling, called this reversible system also "split system". Install convertible equipment requires a personalised study of your housing with a specialist who will calculate the type of material required according to cool parts.
Photovoltaic energy
Photovoltaic energy draws its resources from the radiation from the Sun. It says renewable, any energy which can be reuse, photovoltaic energy is part. The principle of operation is to have several cells on a solar roof panel, the electrically connected together. This solar panel produced domestic electricity which can be consumed for the home or even for different systems of external heating systems (for example heated pool).
Geothermal energy
Geothermal energy is the science that studies thermal effects from underground resources of the earth. Geothermal energy can exploit the resources of the soil to convert the heat from the earth renewable domestic energy. The method of operating is to take the heat by drilling soil at different depths, temperature variations can produce quantities of heat energy vary widely. Drilling permits in particular to provide the calories to a heat pump to heat a house for example.
Small wind turbines
The mini-turbines are small twin sisters of large wind turbines in rural areas, and they differ from their elders by their sizes and power generation capacity. A small wind turbine has a limited capacity and power does not exceed a certain height. Small wind turbines are used to generate electricity for powering various electrical equipment such as pumps water or a lighting system for example. Economics, they generate electricity from wind, they are durable and can even be coupled to a station with solar panels.
Low temperature under floor heating
New generations of modern under floor heating at low temperatures have significantly improved their capacity for soil heating. Under floor heating warms the soil and not on the air. The heated floors are grouped in the family of heat emitters (radiators, fan coil units, air blowers). Under floor heating can be connected for example to a heat pump or a conventional electrical system. In this case we speak of "performance issue". Harnessing renewable energy must be for you economically, you must calculate the cost of a heat pump compared to a conventional heating system.
Heat pumps
There the heat throughout, as well in the soil, in water than in air. The heat pump recovers air or ground calories by extracting the heat for the drive to a heating circuit. The installation of a heat pump to limit see delete the use of fossil fuels (oil and gas), by exploiting natural renewable heat. (water, air and earth). The installers provide custom studies to determine your energy needs insulation or the habitable area of your housing for example.
Rainwater harvesting
Watering of the garden in summer, filling of swimming pools, cleaning the terraces, etc. Recovery of rainwater is channelling water from the gutters to a tank fill-ground or buried in your garden through a pipe underground or air. Harvested water is then contained in the tank after having been filtered from impurities. A filter placed between the arrival of the reservoir of the tank and the output from the gutter to retain larger contaminants. This step is called filtration.
Water treatment
A company that specializes in water treatment may include action to clean up your water pipes. Among the tools available, we use the sand filter to remove large particles, water softener, He removes the divalent ions, prevents tartar, it is also possible to remove particles and bacteria in suspension, settle ph disorderly, etc...

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