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Sports and Relaxation
Sport and leisure, two words that sound good when you hear them. Sport is a great way to relax and talk. Installation of tennis or mini golf, a boles, pool construction, supply, assembly and installation of a pool or supplies kit and installation of basketball hoops, all options are possible. Relaxation is also synonymous with leisure: realization of exhibit Home Cinema or creation of an outdoor barbecue stone for example. But the best recreation of choice is still the installation of a spa, steam room or sauna, highly decorative elements as well. Sport and relaxation can be fun in a thousand ways at home!
Select sub-category of your project
Swimming pool construction
The construction of self pool step by step, implementation, earthworks, drainage, the backfilling, the installation of the frame, implementation road, the development of the approaches, the latest finishes, etc. To start the work to the first swimming, follow all the steps of your project by contacting the qualified professional to meet your work.
Creating a barbecue outside stone
Enjoy beautiful day to share lunches and tea with family and friends with an outdoor barbecue. The creation of an outdoor barbecue in stone is one of many possible options.
Installation of sauna / steam room
Turkish bath, or steam bath, relaxes infinite, sauna, a moment of warmth, just as enjoyable. The supply and installation of steam and sauna allow many freedoms, to ensure a high ultimate relaxation.
Installation of spa
Health by water is now a known and recognized concept that comes in the techniques of well-being and relaxation multiples. Massage therapy, toning or slimming aid, the spa is full of virtues to be tested at home. Supply and installation of spa's business professionals we recommend that you seek.
Installing a mini golf
Among the originalities in a garden, the installation of a mini golf! Materials, dimensions, decoration options, it is for you to choose your personal golf mini. The installation of a mini golf will certainly make the joy of children and the family for inflamed tournaments.
Installing a petanque
Petanque court, timeless and alluring young and old. The installation of a petanque is always a nice touch. Friendly atmosphere, an opportunity to practice passion, enjoy the beautiful day and relax, the advantages are numerous.
Installation of a tennis court
Have its own tennis court, a rather nice idea but it requires a comprehensive construction plan to launch such a project. Location, quality of soil, material, dimensions, and each element has a tennis field install.
Pools kit: supply, mounting and installation
50% of swimming pools are now sold in kit form so-called soil-less, an acquisition test before you leave why not try one day by a pool built. Wood, resin, steel, polyester... pool maintenance you book up and ensure the service of your future storable pool.
Home Cinema production of parts
What a privilege to watch a movie with a screen and its unbeatable! The Home Cinema is attracting more and more people and is easily understood. Have a spacious room for carrying out a Home Cinema room. The equipment will indeed be rather voluminous. To take advantage of their technical qualifications must be a space dedicated to this film at home.

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