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Stairs – Railings – Grilles
Stairs, railings, grids, specifically three elements with quality, durability and safety. Installation of a guard rail, installation of a staircase inside or outside, creating a custom staircase, installation of a grid or a metallic curtain, each site must meet these three rules gold. Materials, cost, finishes and colours are many. It is therefore to make the right choices according to your tastes and priorities. The staircase practice, aesthetics for your home, secure the railing to protect your children cope with domestic accidents, gates around your pool or garden fence, every need, solutions for exist respecting the quality, strength and security.
Select sub-category of your project
Creating a stairs (wood, metal, concrete, glass, etc...)
Option more and more chosen by individuals, creating a custom staircase allows many freedoms. Wood, metal, concrete, glass, materials are varied. As for the shape of your custom stairs, again, freedom is great.
Troubleshooting a grid / metal curtain
The metal shutter of your window is locked, its lock is damaged, the engine electrical system of opening and closing broken, the repair of a metal curtain or a regular grid is to replace all parts that ensure operation of the curtain opening, locks, the engine system or replace the wire.
Installation of an external stair
To go to a garden, a deck or any other place, the outside staircase is an essential element. Model to measure if you prefer, existing structures and steps in various finishes or guardrail to slide or balusters, it's all about taste.
Installation of an interior staircase
The internal staircase has become a great design within a few years. Its forms are very original and supplies of a highly diversified staircase (stainless steel, aluminium, wood...). The installation of an internal staircase will be successfully completed by professionals.
Installation of a metal staircase
At the time trend, the modern and convenient metal staircase invites itself increasingly in homes. It is lighter than the wooden staircase and allows moult finishes. That is a highly decorative. Installation of metal stairs with professionals is easy.
Installation of a guard rail
The railings, the essential element for securing a balcony, terrace or a broader at in height. Regulations exist in relation to the supply and installation of railings to ensure safety.
Installation of a gate / metal curtain
For your garden, your pool, your street or your gate, the gate can close many of the elements adjacent to your home. As for the metal shutter, it offers optimum safety for your storefront, your garage or other way to secure.
Stair renovation
The renovation of a staircase is necessary when there are signs of wear or that the structure of the staircase is threatening. The renovation of a staircase is also involved in the case of installing a new staircase type steps, layers of paint, etc...

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