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Need to make or repair your chimney sweep or boiler? To replace a broken window, a plumbing leak? Your radiator and your electric heaters do not work, a power failure, a problem roof? Find a quick repair for all your domestic problems through the intervention of a professional in your area.
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Changes of broken windows
Broke the window? Consult to the carpenter to replace damaged windows and tiles. A bay window is damaged a security risk to your home. The replacement of one or more broken windows is often complicated because of the nature of the walls of your joinery. Some of them are composed of advanced arrangements that require the intervention of a professional...
Troubleshooting a grid / metal curtain
The metal shutter of your window is locked, its lock is damaged, the engine electrical system of opening and closing broken, the repair of a metal curtain or a regular grid is to replace all parts that ensure operation of the curtain opening, locks, the engine system or replace the wire.
Troubleshooting of boiler, water heaters, water heaters
Boiler troubleshooting is to check the various elements of your heating system to detect failures and malfunctions. A heating contractor can work on the replacement of one or more faulty parts, conduct a comprehensive summary or clean the burner, check the vents, check the pressure settings, etc Troubleshooting boilers also intervenes to solve the problems of operation of heating equipment connected to the central system as water heaters and bathroom heaters.
Troubleshooting electrical heaters
Electrical convectors are heat emitters connected or you're heating system or while connected to the general power grid. More commonly called, electric heaters, the operation is quite simple, the cold air enters the lower part of the apparatus and is heated by resistance placed inside; heated air is moving by a frontal grid and allows the production of heat from a room very quickly. In case of hardware failure, the problem may as a result of to an electrical malfunction or connecting network device. A technician then supports troubleshooting your installation by replacement of parts or all of the equipment.
Troubleshooting WC
Toilets clogged, worn joints, leaking plumbing, faulty plumbing, piping problem; the plumbing unfortunately come to everyone at least once. A plumber was providing emergency repairs for all related piping.
Troubleshooting roof
A storm has damaged your roof? Do not delay in undertaking the repair of your roof before new weather will weaken the whole and cause leaks in the roof. A roofer is involved in troubleshooting problems inside or outside of the roof, the tile repair, replacement fasteners, etc...
Electrical troubleshooting
Instability or failure of a domestic electrical installation requires servicing. A technician can be determined by a series of tests on your system failure or instability of your electrical equipment. Electrical troubleshooting is to check such as certain equipment connected to your electrical system, make the replacement of parts or intervene directly to your electricity meter.
Troubleshooting plumbing
The plumbing has its little problems. The repairs often involve plumbing leaks, defective seals or various small works. Methodical, efficient and rapid, the plumber is the ideal professional to solve your problems.
Chimney sweeping
The cleaning of the furnace controls by cleaning, safe operation of your heating system. This sweeping is mandatory once a year for boilers burning gaseous fuels and twice a year for boilers liquid and solid fuels. Sweeping occurs on different parts of the boiler, as venting, pipes or connections on the air ducts. Your heating contractor can also offer a post-intervention annual maintenance contract.

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