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Wall covering
Find threads started painting and interior design. All work on updating your interior: ceiling remodel or ceiling, the work of decorative art for your walls, and wood. Repair your walls and move approach? Seek professional help, to learn that it is better to use on the wall: to repaint them, change wallpaper, learn how best to alter the walls, repaired cracks and etc...
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Pasting of wallpaper
Cut and fit strips of wallpaper: a job that requires patience and painstaking, and professionalism. The choice of colours and materials can cause headaches. How to apply fabric to the wall? Insert a new strip of wallpaper or hide the crack? Professional intervenes to help you to choose from supplies to suit your interior, stages and methods of installation materials, etc...
Surface preparation (before painting or wallpapering)
To be successful a project of painting the walls must be properly painted, it is necessary to follow the essential steps in the preparation of the support. Clean the wall, partially or completely coating the surfaces damaged, how many layers the under layer, drying time, etc... The key to the success of your project: A wall in good condition before applying the first coat of paint or wallpaper. Whatever the medium, your wall is already painted and cleans, a sub-layer is still needed before applying the final coats of paint. Underlayment is a layer of adhesion, which will standardize the wall and allow the topcoat to adhere perfectly to the grip of the brush.
Recovering of the facade
How to renovate a stone facade, install a wood siding, selecting materials for the work of shell, sand, moisture treatment of the walls, knowing all the regulations. Your grown old facade, paint your walls blackened and cracks? A facade renovation usually required to give your home a new look. The face lift is to apply a special paint for exterior plaster or stucco achieve by sandblasting.
Painting of ceilings, walls, mouldings
The renovation works involve painting such as repairing cracks in a ceiling mouldings old damaged by time, the lining of a wall before applying paint, treatment and renovation of panelling by choosing moulding a colour or colourless. Opportunities and painting techniques are numerous specialist companies no shortage of ideas for decoration, choice of materials, colours still more numerous stylish effects in imitation of plaster, etc...
The work of decorative painting
A company specializing in decorative painting comes to renovate the interior or exterior painting of your home. Repainting a kitchen, bathroom, child's room, a living room, etc... Painting works are many. Some companies can for example make a mural, a renovated floor by applying a special paint, create a trompe-l'oeil, restoration of old furniture, etc...

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